Today there is an app for everything. Including for managing money, assets, and liabilities. According to a recent report published by The Zebra, eighty-five percent of young adults use at least one personal finance tool or app, with more than half foregoing the assistance of a human advisor. Fifty-four percent of 26-year-olds manage most or […]

In this fourth-quarter summary, we review the key market highlights of the quarter, discussing factors that contributed to the performance of U.S. and international equities, fixed income, and commodities. Actions by the Federal Reserve to shift monetary policy late in the year along with the dramatic performance of the “Magnificent Seven” was the icing on the cake for 2023.

U.S. Equity Investment Environment U.S. equity markets saw consecutive declines in August and September as investors grappled with ongoing inflation, fear of a government shutdown, rising interest rates, and the potential for a “higher-for-longer” rate environment. The S&P 500 experienced a disappointing quarter falling 3.3%, though remains up 13.1% year to date due to the […]