Divorce Financial Planning

Marital Separation & Divorce Planning

In the unfortunate event of a divorce, emotions often cloud decision-making and can result in unintended financial misfortune. At Castle Wealth Management, we have experience working with men and women who are thinking about filing for divorce or are in the midst of negotiating a settlement. Our goal is to provide sound financial planning advice and solutions for proactive planning.

Having a financial planner involved in your divorce will ensure your finances are in order in the short- and long-term.

Financial Planning Before Divorce

Speaking with a financial planner experienced with divorce can help with the preparation of the separation and remove some of the fear of the unknown. We will help you gather the necessary documents and work with other divorce advisors such as your attorney and tax professional to address all the financial questions and concerns that may arise. If mediation is your chosen path through divorce, we can work with both you and your spouse alongside the mediator to come to an equitable division of assets.

Financial Planning After Divorce

During or after your divorce, we will work with you to assess your financial situation and create a plan based on your goals. If your ex-spouse was always the one who handled the finances, we will hold your hand in helping you set up your new post-divorce finances. That may include establishing a spending plan, learning to pay bills online, assessing your personal risk tolerance for investing, creating an investment strategy and developing a financial plan.

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Our goal is to provide personal service coupled with current and extensive financial knowledge. We navigate the course for our clients to follow. A well-diversified portfolio, a long-term investment horizon and a documented plan enables our clients to reach their goals.

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