Wealth Transfer Planning

Wealth Transfer Planning

It is estimated that 70% of family wealth is lost by the second-generation and as much as 90% by the third. These resources often slide through the cracks because of communication gaps amongst family members and due to unprepared heirs having sudden access to large sums of money.

At Castle Wealth Management, we help our clients put sound wealth transfer plans in place to avoid these types of issues. We also understand how the dynamics of family play into inheritance, and we provide knowledge of different strategies and advice to help families preserve their wealth with currently successful planning techniques. We quarterback the team of CPAs, lawyers, custodians and Trustees as needed. We help keep a family’s legacy secure for future generations.

Getting Started with Wealth Transfer Planning

When you set up a wealth transfer plan, you are setting in motion a plan to transfer the wealth or assets you have amassed to beneficiaries upon your death. As the goal of wealth transfers is to pass along assets in such a way that allows the spending and investment constraints you want your family to maintain, these plans often include the consideration of trusts, estates, life insurance, and wills.

We’ll work together to understand your family goals and how you want your assets to be distributed. We’ll also decide the best methods of transfer and the tax and interest implications of each.

During this planning period you may want to share your intentions with your beneficiaries to address any potential family feuds while you are alive rather than leaving them to the family to dispute while you can’t have final say. Additionally, this is a good time to introduce your family or heirs to financial advisors such as attorneys and tax advisors so they can responsibly manage the assets.

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Our goal is to provide personal service coupled with current and extensive financial knowledge. We navigate the course for our clients to follow. A well diversified portfolio, a long-term investment horizon and a documented plan enables our clients to reach their goals.

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