Members of the LGBTQ community face a unique set of challenges when it comes to financial planning.

While it may seem as if you need to plan for the same expenses that come with major life milestones like weddings and retirement, it can be anything but straightforward once you dive deeper.

For example, if children are part of your long-term plan, the costs of trying to conceive, file for adoption, or use a surrogate need to be planned for and factored in to your spending plan since they are often much higher than those same costs for heterosexual couples. You may also choose to create a financial plan to help you offset the cost of gender-affirming surgery if it’s not covered by your health insurance.

We work with your current attorney or suggest ones who specialize in this area, to help ensure that you have factored your partner into any trust or health care directive documents or surrogate contracts.

Because of these reasons and more, it pays to find a financial planner who understands your specific needs. This ensures your financial goals are not only achievable but easily manageable.

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Here at Castle Wealth Management, our team of advisors has experience with the constantly changing laws and financial needs of our LGBTQ clients.

We’ll help you think through the best tax strategies, options for claiming Social Security benefits, college financial aid, long-term care, and more. We’ll work with you to create a spending plan around your financial goals so you’ll be able to plan for your future while still enjoying what your hard work can buy in the present.

Your financial planner will start with your most immediate financial needs and work on helping you achieve your future goals all the way through retirement.

We’ll also help you decide how your current financial situation contributes to your retirement plan, while considering how changing environments may affect this too.

Your financial advisor will even be there when life throws you those unexpected curveballs (both good and bad) that can have major influences on your investments.


Instead of being overwhelmed by financial planning and the legal nuances that come with LGBTQ partnership rules, let us help you with the details.

Our team will provide you with a personalized plan based on our experience. We’ll also help you create a diversified portfolio that balances your long-term investment plans with shorter, more immediate ones so you can reach every one of your financial and life goals.

Join the 150 families who’ve already trusted us with their financial planning and give our team a call today at (561) 686-9604. You can also reach out online by filling out this form now.

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