Retirement planning is a dynamic, on-going process developed from a well-thought-out strategy, consistent monitoring, and active management. The goal is to accumulate assets that will generate a reliable cash flow once you decide to hang up your hat for good.

The financial planners at Castle Wealth Management can help you choose the best retirement plan for you as an employee or employer, actively monitor changes in the market, and focus your planning on the ultimate use of your retirement savings.

Learn more about Castle Wealth Management’s experience in retirement income planning and how our approach puts your goals front and center.

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If you are approaching retirement age or have recently retired, you’ll want to start shifting your financial focus from contributing to retirement to generating income from your retirement portfolio.

During this planning period, Castle Wealth Management will help you understand important retirement considerations such as:

What the factors are that contribute to a retirement income strategy

How to create a strategy that meets your income needs

How to adjust your asset allocation to accommodate your needs and changing risk tolerance


While there are plenty of retirement income calculators on the internet, we’ll take into account all of your personal goals and help you quantify them on an ongoing basis so you know where you stand during our recurring review process. Common advice is to aim for 70% to 90% income replacement of your pre-retirement income, including Social Security, pensions, savings, and other income sources.

Spending adjustments are common after retirement income projections are created. Your team at Castle Wealth Management will work with you to create a spending plan within the constraints of your projected retirement income–a roadmap so you are prepared for this new, exciting phase of life.

At Castle Wealth Management, our retirement planning strategies cater to a diverse group of individuals or families from varying backgrounds. Whether you are seeking planning for your employer plan; are a business owner designing a plan for yourself or your employees; or need help managing assets as part of your overall asset mix, we can help.


Our goal is to provide personal service coupled with current and extensive financial knowledge. We navigate the course for our clients to follow. A well-diversified portfolio, a long-term investment horizon and a documented plan enables our clients to reach their goals.

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